Nursing Home Care Claims Exceed Reality

Nursing Homes, especially here in Georgia and the South overall, experience a huge discrepancy between the amount of time that nursing homes claim they care for patients, and the actual amount of time they are actually cared for. The Center for Public Integrity recently released a study indicating that nursing homes say they provide much more care than they actually do.

Many of the nursing homes exaggerated the amount of care by six or seven times. Registered nurses and the care they provided was also much more scarce than claimed. Many nursing homes showed that the amount of care of a patient by a registered nurse was less than 10 minutes per day.

At Turkheimer & Hadden, we frequently see claims of nursing home abuse. Oftentimes, the death of a loved one can come from simply not being turned often enough in bed, and the resulting bed sores can be fatal. Although the study does not directly link the discrepancies in staffing and care levels with the negligence that often results in nursing home abuse, lower levels of staffing are consistent with many of the claims of negligence and abuse we see in nursing home injuries and deaths.

Here is a link to check on the staffing levels, both claimed and real, in your loved one's nursing home. Please let us know ( if there is a situation that needs our attention.