Top restaurant settles claims of withholding tips from employees

Per Se is considered among the best restaurants in New York City - unless you ask its waitstaff. According to Reuters, the three-star restaurant has been charging its price-fixe customers a 20% surcharge "service charge" which they represented to customers was to compensate the wait staff. Instead, Per Se allegedly pocketed the 20%. This is a violation of a number of New York State Laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act. If a restaurant collects tips, those tips must go to the employees, not just used to pad the business's bottom line. This is also known as Wage Theft, and it is unfortunately very common in the restaurant industry. If you have experienced wage theft from your employer, call the specialists at Turkheimer & Hadden immediately, so we can help you get what you're owed.

Article: Michelin-starred Per Se settles NY charges it withheld tips (Reuters)

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